Virginia DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. 



Marketing Programs
Marketing programs prepare students for postsecondary education and careers in marketing, management, and entrepreneurship.  Careers in the marketing cluster create, communicate, and deliver value to customers and manage customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.
Instruction in the marketing cluster enables students to gain knowledge and skills in:
  • business law
  • channel management
  • customer relations
  • economics
  • emotional intelligence
  • entrepreneurship
  • financial analysis
  • marketing-information management
  • marketing planning
  • operations
  • professional development
  • pricing
  • product/service management
  • promotion
  • selling
Since marketing careers require strong academic skills, Virginia's academic standards in English, Mathematics, Science, and History/Social Science are correlated with the marketing curriculum.

Cooperative Education

Cooperative education is a method of instruction that combines career and technical classroom instruction with paid employment directly related to the classroom instruction.

Courses using the cooperative education method integrate classroom instruction with supervised on-the-job training and the related career and technical student organization.

Instruction is developed and conducted in consultation with the employers having skills in the considerable knowledge of the occupational field represented by the student's career objective.

Both student instruction and employment are planned and supervised by the school and the employer so that each contributes to the student's career objectives and employability. 

Individualized, written training plans are developed to correlate the classroom instruction with the on-the-job training.   

Formal and informal evaluations of student progress, including feedback, are completed to assist learners in improving their work performance.

Students enhance their knowledge, skills, and attitudes by participating in supervised experiences that are not possible to replicate in an educational setting.  

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State Marketing Equipment List   

Marketing Core Career Cluster Graphic

2013-2014 Marketing Calendar of Events

2013-2014 Marketing Reference Sheet

2012-2013 Marketing Teacher Roster (listed by district and new region alignment)

Licensure Endorsement Requirements for Marketing Education - See 8VAC20-22-270 on page 38 of the Licensure Regulations for School Personnel document


NRF Review Materials - Information to get your students ready for the NRF Customer Service test concerning the T.H.A.N.K.S Method

NRF Customer Service Pretest

     NRF Customer Service Pretest with Answers

     NRF Sales Certification Pretest

     NRF Sales Certification Pretest with Answers


Customer Love
Sales Motivation
Goals - Ten Rules for Success
What's the Big Idea - Ten Tips for Starting a Business
Heart of a Teacher
Great Service Is A Choice 
The Strangest Secret
What It Takes To Be Number One 
The Simple Truths of Service 
Great Quotes From Great Leaders 
Even Eagles Need a Push
The Essence of Leadership 
Rock Solid Leadership
The Power of Teamwork
Walk the Talk 
The Race
A Peacock in the Land of Penquins
Pulling Together - 10 Rules for High Performance Teamwork
Wisdom of Wolves - Leadership Lessons From Nature
The 100-0 Principle
Finish Strong
Finish Strong - Teen Athlete
Simple Truths of Life
The Butterfly Effect
Learning to Dance in the Rain
The Best of Success
The Best Way Out is Always Through

The Dash

Leadership Quotes


CTE course descriptions, task lists, course frameworks, and other teaching resources are available at under the VERSO link. 

If you need to set up a password for accessing the Marketing course frameworksin VERSO, go to

Administrative Planning Guide - If you need to know what sequences of courses makes a student a marketing completer or what industry credentialing tests are available, etc., this is the source for you.  

Current MBA Research Lap List - If you would like to check out MarkED lap materials from CTERC, you may do so by selecting the titles and contacting the Center.

Online Entrepreneurship Magazine


Lesson plans that have been prepared by other teachers for use in your classroom


Cooperative Education Handbook - download and print your own copy

Excel Spreadsheet to Record Student Hours for 2013-2014

Cooperative Education Information on the VDOE Web Site - download forms and get access to lots of cooperative education resources

New Downloadable Cooperative Education Brochure - Now you can print your own newly revised Cooperative Education Brochure and personalize it for your own school/division.

Cooperative Education Power Point Presentations - These may be helpful in promoting your program and explaining the benefits of copperatve education to your stakeholders.

      What is Cooperative Education - Version A

      What is Cooperative Eduation - Version B

2012 Cooperative Education Summer Workshop PowerPoint Presentation and Other Resources

Regulations and Guidelines for Cooperative Education
Selecting the Teacher-Coordinator
Promoting Cooperation Education Programs
Selecting Students and Training Stations
Federal Child Labor Laws
Virginia Child Labor Laws
Safety Regulations on the Job
Working with Special Needs Students
Placing Students on the Job
Work-Based Learning: A Vision for the Future
Excel Spreadsheet to Record Student Hours for 2012-2013

Cooperative Education Summer Workshop PowerPoint Presentations and Oher Resources 
Regulations and Guidelines for Cooperative Education
Selecting the Teacher-Coordinator
Promoting Cooperative Education
Selecting Students and Training Stations
Virginia Child Labor Laws
Working with Special Needs Students
CTE Resource Center Services
Placing Students on the Job
Preparting Training Sponsor and Providing Comprehensive Coordination
Safety Regulations on the Job
Excel Spreadsheet to Record Student Hours for 2011-2012
Cooperative Education Wage and Hour Report Form  (Paper copy)
Cooperative Education Employer Evaluation of Student
                 2013 SUMMER CONFERENCE
Marketing Update 2013-2014
Sharon Acuff, Specialist for Marketing & Related Clusters


VA DECA Update 2012
Sharon Acuff, Specialist for Marketing & Related Clusters, VDOE

Career Clusters, Virginia's Best Practices
Anne Rowe, Coordinator, Curriculum & Instruction, VDOE

Marketing Update 2012-2013
Sharon Acuff, Specialist for Marketig & Related Clusters


Marketing Update 2011-2012 
Sharon Acuff, Marketing Specialist, VDOE 


Marketing Update 2010-2011
Sharon Acuff, Marketing Specialist, VDOE

Leveling the Playing Field with Social Media  Angela Elder, NRF Foundation at National Retail Federation


Marketing Update 2009-2010
Sharon Acuff, Marketing Specialist, VDOE

Fashion: Forecasting the Future

Fashion: From Concept to Ccreation

Fashion: Looking Back to Look Forward

Virginia Association of Marketing Educators

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