Fair gates open at 10AM.  Do not attempt to enter prior to gate opening.


115 Targee PlStephens CityVA 22655, USA

State Fair Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated on October 1st.  Results are below.

A:   Brown/Brown South Lakes 1st/  Zedaker/Roz Atlee 2nd

B:   Edelman/Williamson Patrick Henry 1st/ Kiss/Gupta South Lakes 2nd 

C:   Kavanagh/ Perdorro Patrick Henry 1st/ Dela Pena/ Triano Monacan 2nd

D:   LaFortune/ Strange-Boston Patrick Henry 1st/ Gibson/(  ) Hanover 2nd

E:   Grooms/Doodson Patrick Henry 1st/ Venhuizen/Stone King William 2nd 

F:   Morse/Elis Patrick Henry 1st/ Trayham/Oliver Atlee 2nd

G:   McLean/York King William 1st/ Walker/Taylor Hopewell 2nd 

H:   Fenne/Arnold Patrick Henry 1st/ Feyerabend/Sanflippo Atlee 2nd 

I:    Hadley/ Meisner South Lakes 1st/ Evans/ Singleton Prince George 2nd

J:    Vehorn/Smith Atlee 1st/ Terry Harris Prince George 2nd

K:   Greyson/ Cayce King WIlliam 1st/  Reichenbach/Schwartz Kecoughtan 2nd

L:   Caler/Zota Hanover 1st/   Enright/Robinson Patrick Henry 2nd

M:  Irvin/FItz Hopewell 1st/ Eddy/Dibuczio Patrick Henry 2nd

N:  Bland/ Marshall Prince George 1st/ Bellinger/Campbell Patrick Henry 2nd

O:  Heard/Rae Atlee 1st/  Smith/Mouton Hanover 2nd

P:   Zicatoose/Douglas Atlee 1st/ Montgomery/LePeter Hanover 2nd 

Q:  Brooaddus/Campbell King William 1st/ Edmonds/Rodriguez Hopewell 2nd 

R:   Dalton/Salter Hopewell 1st/  Cassady/ Whittoe Dan River 2nd 

S:   Seward/Roger  Atlee 1st/  Bahrami/Hause Kecoughtan 2nd 

T:   Murphy/Boyce Kecoughtan 1st/  Rice/Brooker Atlee 2nd 

VA DECA Competition Sign Up

Check back in August 2015 for updated competition information.  

  • A fee will be charged.  ($2 per team) 
  • The fee must be paid either prior to the fair or that day. 

DECA & Marketing Day at the State Fair

October 1st, 2014 

State Fair Website

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Chapters are required to sign up with the VA State Fair prior to arriving.

What will I find:

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  • Prices

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