Virginia DECA

Virginia DECA State Office

Do you have what it takes?

Running for the Virginia State Action Team can be one of the most exhausting, nerve wracking process.  In the end it is also the most rewarding experience a  VA DECA member can have.  This page is designed to walk potential state officers  through the steps it takes to become a VA DECA State Officer.

The Basics There are ten positions on the VA DECA State Action Team.  These positions include  President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary, Historian, Reporter and five Regional Vice-Presidents. Candidates are required to complete an application, take an online test, interview with two  committees, campaign and give a speech in front of the VA DECA voting delegates.  It is never too early to start planning to become a state officer.  The first deadline for  applicants is at the end of January.  From there the process moves very quickly. 

Are You State Officer Material? VA DECA is looking for individuals who enjoy public speaking, working as a team, have a  passion for DECA and who have the time to devote to our large organization. 

Steps Taken By Potential Officers

1.  Download the Officer Information Packet

​2.  Complete the Online Application ​ 

3.  Prepare for the exam - candidates pass with an 80.  Study Guide Available Here

4.  Candidates complete a phone interview with the VA DECA Chartered Association Advisor.

5.  The top 20 candidates will be invited to campaign and run at the State Leadership Conference. 

6.  If you are in the top 20 ... Develop Your Campaign

Your campaign is more then just your slogan.  Your campaign encompasses who you are and what you want to to do for VA DECA. 

Guidelines are provided below: 

  • Limited campaigning will take place in the exhibit hall Friday evening and Saturday morning.
  • Candidates have a budget of $150.  Receipts and a budget must be turned in.  
  • Candidates are limited to:· One standard sized poster board or display board; One piece of literature; One campaign manager and one helper, and One six-foot table.·  
  • All materials must fit on the six-foot table.  Minimal decorations must be contained to the candidate's portion of the table.        
  •  Candidates are required to be in the official DECA Blazer.·Campaign manager and assistant must be in competition dress code.        
  •  The following are prohibited at any time: Costumes including t-shirts; Toys, Buttons; Stickers (to hand out;, Drinks; Food (no candy); and Loud behavior or  chanting in the exhibit hall.  Video is allowed but CANNOT include music. 
  • Receptions or social activities sponsored by an officer candidate for conference participants are prohibited. To ensure a fair election and equal opportunity to all, districts and chapters should not organize any pre-conference meeting, activity, or trade-off.

​7.  Prepare for SLC  No Campaigning may take place before SLC including Social Media Sites.

     1.  Choose a campaign team (these two individuals may attend SLC as competitors or only for your campaign.
     2. Create booth materials.
     3. Write and practice your speech.
     4. Review the interview and voting process.
     5. Practice the interview questions.

​8.  Deliver a Great Campaign

9. Earn one of the ten spots on the Virginia DECA State Action Team