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Chapter Management Guide

An advisor's and chapter's guide to the school year with Virginia DECA.  Sections can be downloaded and printed for your convenience.

Section A - General Information

                Highlights changes and updates                        for 2020-21.

Section B - Forms

               Consent Form, Medical Form,                       Statement of Compliance                             Substitute Chaperone Form,                          Incident Form, Recommendation                     for Board of Trustees, Request for                   Special Circumstance (2020-21                   ONLY)

Section C - Competitive Events

                Start here for competitive event                      planning.  Explanation of events                    and eligibility for SLC

Section D - Annual Reports

               Instructions for your Annual Report.

                Select Template form - either                          Google or Word

               Annual Report Template - click here                 for Google Doc

               Annual Report Template - Click                       here for Word Doc

               Instructions to Submit - click here

Section E - Recognition 

               Information for chapter and                           member awards. Membership                       incentives, Friends of DECA,                         Honor Society, Merit Award, VA                   DECA Day, and Outstanding                       Advisor 

Section F - Scholarships

               Application and requirements   

Section G - District Presidents

                Resources for application,                            interviews, etc.

Section H - State Officer

                Read entire section very carefully                    for requirements, forms and                          process to run for office

Section I - DLC

               Information on number of winners                   who move on to SLC, links to                       forms,and general procedures. 

Section J - Executive Officer

              Information about national officer                  candidate process

VA DECA Constitution & Bylaws

Leadership Training

VA DECA Leadership Retreat

Get your chapter officers and leaders off to the best start possible at Smith Mountain Lake. 

Resources for DECA's Elevate Series 
  • Emerging Leadership & Entrepreneurs
  • DECA Leadership Styles
  • DECA Leadership Team
  • DECA Chapter Strategy
  • DECA Leadership Tools


November 4, 2020

Celebrate VA DECA Day by planning special activities or recognition in your school and community.