District Advisor - Check List


  • Determine who will be DA.

  • Complete the District Information Form

  • Have District meeting. Discuss dates for DLC, deadlines & events offered, district policies for event participation

  • Select District President


  • Review District President Roles & Responsibilities with DP

  • Have DP contact all Chapter Presidents in your District


  • DLC testing dates should be determined by now

November & December

  • Celebrate VA DECA Day in November

  • Good Luck with your DLC

    • The DLC Script will help you with your awards ceremony​


  • Ensure all SLC slots allotted to your district are used

  • Verify DA and DP name spelling for SLC


  • Look out for last minute SLC details and directions


  • SLC!!!


  1. When will I receive tests and role plays?​​  District Advisors will receive role plays approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your DLC date.  Tests are on line and you will not receive those.

  2. What awards are provided for DLC?  Each district will receive 1st place medals, certificates for 1st-3rd, and proficiency certificates. These need to be ordered on the District Information Form.

  3. When will I receive DLC awards?  DLC medals and certificates will be mailed out by vendors directly to you based on your DLC date.

  4. How many people advance to SLC from our DLC?  Number of students advancing is based on your district membership.  See the Chapter Management Guide, Section I