Student Recognition and Forms

Take Your Leadership to the Next Level 

State Officer Application & Process


Pre-SLC Qualifiers


All Candidates for state officer positions will complete:

  • Application - due December 18, 2020

  • Online Test - testing window Jan 4-8, 2021

Candidates with completed applications and test scores of at least 80% will:

  • Phone Interview with Chartered Association Advisor, Jan 8-14

Scores = Test + Application/Phone Interview/Video Submissin

** Top 20 Candidates will be invited to campaign at SLC



Be sure to follow the detailed requirements and process outlined in the Chapter Management Guide Section H 

Video Hints & Tips - Use these guidelines to create your best video submission

Social Media Guidelines

​If you are elected . . .

  • Newly Elected Officers will meet viz Zoom at a time to be determined during the week following SLC.


  • Professional Code of Conduct remains in effect until and throughout your term in office


  • Attendance at ICDC 2021 is optional, if you attend you will serve as voting delegate (in addition to competition if qualified to advance)


  • Team uniforms will be determined by the Chartered Association Advisor - Officers are responsible for cost of pants/skirt/dress, and shoes.  Estimated cost = $150 - 225 (payment plans available)


  • Required Conference attendance at:

    • Emerging Leaders Summit & VA Officer Training - June/July​

    • Officer Training at VAME Conference - July/August

    • Officer Leadership Retreat - August/September

    • Virginia CTSO Officer Training - Fall TBD

    • Competition Training Conference (optional)- October

    • DECA's Power Trip - November

    • SLC Planning - February

    • State Leadership Conference, Virginia Beach, VA - March

VA DECA Scholarships

What is Required?

  • Application Form

  • Cover Letter/Letter of Introduction

  • 2 Reference Letters

  • Official Transcripts

  • Checklist with Signatures

Be sure to follow the guidelines and rubric provided in the Chapter Management Guide, Section F.

VA DECA Merit Award

Recognizes outstanding participation & leadership in VA DECA


What is Required?

  • Complete at least 2 years of Marketing or be a graduating senior

  • Application Form - written description of 4 DECA activities with details of participation

  • 300 - 500 Word essay - topic on application form

  • Advisor Verification Form - please see instructions in Chapter Management Guide, Section E

VA DECA Honor Society

What is Required?

Be sure to follow the detailed guidelines in the Chapter Management Guide - Section E

National DECA Recognition

Emerging Leader Honor Award

  • If you are a senior and have a 3.2 GPA you may qualify

Scholarship Programs

  • Over $300,000 in scholarships available

  • Merit based