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Leadership & Chapter Management

Resources for DECA's Elevate Series 
  • Emerging Leadership & Entrepreneurs
  • DECA Leadership Styles
  • DECA Leadership Team
  • DECA Chapter Strategy
  • DECA Leadership Tools
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Competition Preparation


Student Check List


Set reminders on your phone


Check your calendar often


Don't procrastinate


Meet deadlines


Confirm EVERYTHING with your advisor


  • Begin communicating with chapter leadership

  • Program of Leadership planning


  • Finalize chapter projects and timelines

  • Get membership campaigns geared up

  • Is your chapter participating in the State Fair? Get students prepared for events - review state fair information

  • Begin thinking about what event you want to compete in at DLC

  • It's not too early to start studying for your DLC DECA Exam!


  • Plan activities for VA DECA Day 

  • Let your advisor know what event you want to compete in at DLC

  • Begin studying and practicing for DLC

  • Plan activities for Global Entrepreneurship Week next month


  • If you have not held your initiation and installation ceremonies, do that this month

  • Complete national campaigns 

  • Complete VA DECA Day submission

  • Get materials for Honor Society, Merit Award, and scholarships to your advisor

  • If you are thinking about running for state office, have that discussion with your advisor NOW

  • DLCs begin - Good Luck


  • Check Calendar for due dates this month

  • Complete SBE Certification and get to advisor for review (due next month)

  • Get Annual Report ready to submit

  • Start recruiting students to take Marketing next year

  • DLCs continue - Good Luck December competitors


  • Finalize all written event projects

  • Focus on studying for SLC DECA Exams and practicing for SLC

  • Last DLCs are held - Good Luck!


  • Hold SLC training sessions for your chapter members


  • See you in VA Beach!

  • Plan chapter end of year activities and celebrations


  • Begin thinking about chapter leadership for next year

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